Common Garage Door Repairs

Chances are, you probably take your garage door for granted. That is, until you arrive home from a long day at the office and your garage door won’t open. Or maybe your garage door won’t close—leaving all of the valuable items you store in your garage vulnerable. At The Hamilton Parker Company, we’ve compiled a list of common garage door repairs we’ve seen in our 75 years of performing Columbus, OH garage door repair.

Garage Door Opener Not Working

If your garage door opener isn’t working, check the remote and keypad. If the batteries are OK, one or both of the openers may need to be reprogrammed. Next, make sure the sensors on the photoelectric eye near the base are pointed directly at one another, because misalignment could cause this feature not to work as intended. If your garage door opener still isn’t working, contact The Hamilton Parker Company for garage door opener repair in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Garage Door Not Opening/Closing

If you’ve checked and made sure your garage door opener is still working properly, the problem might be with your garage door. Dry weather can contribute to dirt build-up on your garage door parts, which could interfere with opening and closing. To avoid this, clean tracks and moving parts with a household cleaner and dry with a cloth. Next, tighten all hardware, including garage door section hinges.

Lubricate tracks, rollers and pulleys with a lubricating agent like WD-40, then use household oil or silicone spray on rollers. Finally, look for dented tracks or broken rollers that could cause sticking.

Many garage door repairs are difficult and require training and experience to perform, and could be dangerous to try on your own. We advise against homeowners performing most garage door repairs on their own. If you need Columbus, OH garage door repair, contact The Hamilton Parker Company today.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Depending on what type of garage door you have, your garage door springs can usually be found on both sides of your garage door and help it open and close. When you’re having issues opening and closing your garage door, it’s often because the garage door spring requires adjustment.

A garage door spring stores a lot of tension, so attempting to repair a garage door spring yourself or perform garage door spring replacement yourself is not recommended and can be highly dangerous. In addition, garage door spring replacement, repair, or adjustment is a two person job and should never be attempted alone.

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