Decorative Garage Door Hardware

When you’re designing the perfect garage door to complement your home exterior, it’s important to not neglect the details. One such detail is decorative garage door hardware, which can greatly enhance your garage door’s appearance by breaking up the monotony of an otherwise large, plain surface.

Keep reading for more decorative garage door hardware ideas, or call The Hamilton Parker Company today for custom garage doors in the Columbus, OH area.

Popular Garage Door Hardware Options

If you’re interested in adding decorative hardware to your garage door, you have many options to choose from. Antique black iron hardware is a popular choice—particularly for carriage style garage doors.

Consider the following decorative garage door hardware options:

Garage Door Lift Handles

Garage door lift handles generally come in

twos and are located in the middle of the garage door. The garage door lift handle comes in several popular designs, such as a spade lift handle or a Fleur de Lis lift handle.

Garage Door Strap Hinges

Garage door strap hinges are decorative horizontal bars that come on both sides of the garage door, usually in threes. As with the garage door lift handles, decorative garage door hinges frequently come in spade strap and Fleur de Lis styles.

Garage Door Step Plate

The garage door step plate is a decorative handle located at the bottom of the garage door.

Garage Door Knockers

Instead of decorating your garage door with garage door lift handles, you can also use this space for decorative garage door knockers. Popular styles include ring door knockers and lions head knockers.

Garage Door Studs

Garage door studs serve as subtle, decorative accents to your garage door if you’re not interested in introducing an overwhelming amount of hardware to your garage door design.

Get Custom Garage Doors in Columbus, OH

If you’re ready to add character to your home with custom garage doors complete with your choice of decorative hardware, contact The Hamilton Parker Company today. We’ve offered professional garage door design, installation, repair, and

replacement to the Columbus area for more than 75 years.

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