How to Paint a Garage Door

Your garage door is constantly exposed to all sorts of weather and outdoor elements. If your garage door looks a little rough, painting your garage door can be a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home without spending a lot of money to replace your garage door.

The exact steps you

need to following for painting your garage door will depend on what kind of garage door you have. Common garage door types include wood, steel, and vinyl.

How to Paint a Vinyl Garage Door

Vinyl garage doors are generally durable and low maintenance, but they can fade over time. Fortunately, painting your vinyl garage door can help restore its appeal.

When painting a vinyl garage door, you need to look specifically for paint that can be applied to vinyl surfaces. Make sure to avoid latex and oil-based paints—these paints don’t work on vinyl. In addition, always make sure the surface of your garage door is clean before you paint it.

How to Paint a Wood Garage Door

how to paint a garage door

For wood garage doors, it’s important to remove any cracked or peeling paint prior to painting your garage door. Painting on an uneven surface might prevent the paint from sticking, and also looks sloppy. In order to get all of the old paint off, you might have to use an electric sander. Next, make sure the surface of your garage door is clear of any dirt and dust.

When painting a wood garage door, always apply a primer. Follow the recommended drying time on the primer’s manufacturer instructions, then follow up with an exterior grade paint. Take

care to tape off all windows and trim, and use a drop cloth to prevent spills onto your garage floor.

How to Paint a Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors are low maintenance and often feature a wood-grain pattern to mimic the look of a wood garage door. However, it’s important that you keep up with the paint job on your steel garage door to protect the metal from rusting.

Like with all garage door paint jobs, it’s important that you clean the surface of your steel garage door prior to painting it. With a steel door, you’ll need to remove dirt and rust with a scouring pad and detergent.

Once your door is clean and dry, you’ll want to prime it to help the paint stick to the metal surface. After the primer is dry, use an exterior grade paint on your garage door. Acrylic paints are particularly suitable or garage doors because they are flexible and won’t crack or peel when your garage door moves.

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