Repair Garage Door Spring

Is your garage door not opening or closing properly? A number of garage door problems could be to blame. After you’ve checked your garage door opener’s remote, keypad batteries, and programming, and eliminated the possibility of a garage door opener issue, you can safely assume the issue is with your garage door itself.

Dry weather can contribute to dirt build-up on your garage door parts, which could interfere with opening and closing. To avoid this, clean tracks and moving parts with a household cleaner and dry with a cloth. Next, tighten all hardware, including garage door section hinges. Lubricate tracks, rollers, and pulleys with a lubricating agent like WD-40, then use household oil or silicone spray on rollers. Finally, look for dented tracks or broken rollers that could cause sticking.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

repair garage door spring

If you’ve completed these steps and your garage door still isn’t working, you might have an issue with your garage door spring(s). Depending on what type of garage door you have, your garage door springs can usually be found on both sides of your garage door and help it open and close. When you’re having issues opening and closing your garage door, it’s often because the garage door spring requires adjustment.

A garage door spring stores a lot of tension, so attempting to repair a garage door spring yourself or perform garage door spring replacement yourself is not recommended and can be highly dangerous. In addition, garage door spring replacement, repair, or adjustment is a two person job and should never be attempted alone.

If you plan to attempt to replace your garage door springs yourself, it’s very important that you find out what kind of spring you have (extension spring or torsion spring), what size spring you need, and what type of door you have. Extension springs are typically used on lighter, single garage doors, while torsion springs are generally used on heavier, double doors. Extension springs—which hold much less tension—are generally easier to replace than torsion springs. Finally,

you should also make sure, if you have a garage door warranty, that doing DIY garage door repair will not void your warranty.

Garage Door Repair in Columbus, Ohio

If you’d rather not try to tackle a garage door spring replacement on your own, contact The Hamilton Parker Company for garage door repair in Columbus, Ohio.

We have been providing garage door services to the Columbus, Ohio area for more than 75 years, so you can trust that The Hamilton Parker Company has the experience and expertise needed to provide you with professional and dependable garage door spring replacement and repair.

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