How to Rodent Proof Your Garage Door

We thought we’d take a break from our ordinary garage door design and repair blog posts to address a problem that a lot of people probably face: rodents in your garage. While some people like rodents—even enough to keep them as pets (crazy, right?)—nobody wants to be surprised by a critter when they stumble from their garage to their home after a long day at work! In addition, mice, rats, and other vermin can cause a lot of damage to the items you store in your garage.

Fortunately, there’s a simply way to keep rodents and other critters from entering through your garage door (though we can’t speak for the rest of your garage). It involves installing an inexpensive piece of equipment called a garage door threshold.

How Does a Garage Door Threshold Keep Rodents Out?

A garage door threshold is a seal that rests between the bottom of your garage door and your driveway. Usually made out of rubber, aluminum, or vinyl, a garage door threshold is meant to keep rain, snow, rodents, dirt, dust, leaves, and more out of your garage.

By filling the gap between your garage door

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and your driveway, a threshold prevents outdoor elements from getting inside—including but not limited to rodents and other critters. Usually installed with a strong, waterproof adhesive,

the threshold seals as the weight of your garage door presses it firmly into the ground.

The average homeowner can easily install a threshold on his or her own, and the cost is pretty minimal. Even the highest quality garage door thresholds rarely cost more than $100. Bonus? The threshold can also improve your garage door’s efficiency by keeping the cold air from leaking in through the bottom of your door.

Need Garage Door Services in Columbus, OH?

We hope you found this little garage door tip helpful. Of course, if you need other garage door services in Columbus, OH, we’re more than happy to help there, too!

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