Should I Insulate My Garage Door?

Whether or not you need to insulate your garage door largely depends on two things. The first is the region you live in. Depending on how extreme the temperatures are where you live will increase or decrease the importance of having an insulated garage door.

Next, whether or not you choose to insulate your garage door depends on whether your garage door shares common walls with your home and how you choose to use your garage in general. For example,

if you use your garage as an office or workshop, you will obviously care

more about the comfort area of that space!

In general, most homes can benefit from garage door insulation. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Comfort

We already discussed this a little, but garage door insulation allows for climate control. This prevents your garage from getting too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Because garage doors come with varying degrees of insulation, you only need to worry about getting one that is insulated enough to keep your garage comfortable in your region.

Lower Energy Costs

Without proper insulation, your garage door practically acts as a hole in your home. If your garage shares a common wall with your house, you are likely losing a lot of your heating and cooling through your garage door—unnecessarily increasing your energy costs.

Increased Resale Value

Energy efficiency is important to most homebuyers these days, as the cost of energy increases. By installing an energy efficient garage door, you can increase your home’s resale value. This is especially ideal for those looking to utilize the garage as a living space or workspace.


While not all insulated garage doors are completely soundproof, the extra layer of insulation in your garage door can help stifle the noises from your neighborhood. Once again, this is ideal if you use your garage as a living or workspace.

Improved Dent Resistance

In addition to soundproofing, the extra layer of insulation in your garage door can also improve the dent-resistance of your door. (Hint, hint: ideal for those with new, teenage drivers in the family!)

Need Garage Door Insulation in Columbus, OH?

Whether you’re looking for insulation for your current door or you’d like to upgrade to a more energy efficient, insulated garage door, The Hamilton Parker Company can help. We will come to your home at no cost or obligation for an in-home garage door consultation and estimate. Contact us today for more information!

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