Benefits of an Energy Efficient Garage Door

If you’re currently shopping for a new garage door, you’re probably more concerned with its appearance than with its level of energy efficiency. But there are many benefits to installing an energy efficient garage door, and energy efficient doesn’t

have to mean less attractive!

The garage is generally the largest uninsulated room in a home. You’ve probably noticed that your garage is generally much closer in temperature to your home than the air outside, despite not being heated or cooled by your central air system. That’s because your garage benefits from sharing common walls with the parts of your house that are heated and cooled by your central HVAC system. If your garage shares a common wall with your home, it’s likely that some of your home heating and cooling is lost through your garage —unnecessarily increasing your energy costs. Installing an energy efficient garage door is a good way to decrease your home’s energy bills.

Additionally, if you use your garage as a workspace or heat your garage for any other reason, an energy efficient garage door is even more crucial to prevent heat loss and energy waste. This not only saves on your energy bill, but also helps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

But even if you don’t heat your garage or if your garage is not attached to your house,

there are still benefits to energy efficient garage doors. If you live in an area with a cold climate, having a garage door that limits heat loss helps make sure your car doesn’t get too cold to start. An

energy efficient garage door will also prevent your garage and your car from becoming uncomfortably warm during the summer months as well. And finally, some insulated doors also offer the benefit of soundproofing.

There are many well-insulated and draft-free garage door options available for you to choose from. When shopping for an energy efficient garage door, you want to look for one with a high R-value. A higher R-value will result in higher energy efficiency, potentially saving you up to hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill.

Although you might not currently be looking for a new garage door, there are also steps you can take to increase the energy efficiency of your current garage door. First, you can install weatherstripping on the bottom and edges of your garage door. Next, you can insulate the garage door itself with polystyrene or injected foam—two of the most popular types of garage door insulation. However, insulating your garage door yourself is not nearly as effective as having an energy efficient garage door installed by a professional.

Schedule Energy Efficient Garage Door Installation

If you’re interested in having an energy efficient garage door installed at your home or business in Columbus, Ohio or the surrounding area, contact The Hamilton Parker Company today! One of our professional garage door installation experts will come to your home or business to discuss your energy efficient garage door options, take measurements and offer suggestions. Once your selection has been made, you can count on The Hamilton Parker Company to provide a fast, professional and energy-efficient garage door installation that will leave you happy and make you the envy of your neighbors!

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