Garage Door Maintenance in Westerville, OH

Though garage doors look relatively simple in their construction, proper garage door operation actually requires a large number of components installed with great precision to function properly. When several moving parts meet harsh weather conditions, several problems can –and most often will – arise. To minimize garage door repairs and malfunctions, routine garage door maintenance in Westerville, OH is vital.

Failure to have regular garage door maintenance can lead to more serious – and more costly – issues later. Save yourself the hassle and expense of garage door repair by signing up for our garage door preventative maintenance plan today!

Routine Garage Door Maintenance in Westerville, OH

Our garage door maintenance services include the check and adjustment of all important components of your garage door including:

  • Track and roller
  • Springs
  • Garage door lock
  • Opener chain
  • Opener travel
  • Eye beam
  • And more!

Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance in Westerville, OH

Like any product with moving parts, routine garage door maintenance is necessary to maintain performance and extend longevity of your garage door system’s life. Our preventative maintenance plans benefits our customers – you – because it provides you with a reliable, long lasting garage door system that requires minimal repairs over the life of the system. We believe in providing high quality, professional garage door maintenance designed to save you money. By providing the highest quality garage door maintenance in Westerville, OH, we know when the time comes to replace your garage door system, The Hamilton Parker Company will be your choice.

Garage Door Maintenance in Westerville, OH with The Hamilton Parker Company

At The Hamilton Parker Company, we offer an Annual Preventative Maintenance Check for $100 a year in Westerville, OH. An annual maintenance check is recommended by most garage door manufacturers.

Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Check includes:

  • Track and roller lubrication
  • Spring adjustments
  • Leveling adjustments
  • Lock adjustments
  • Opener chain adjustments
  • Opener force adjustments
  • Opener travel adjustments
  • Eye beam adjustments
  • Component check for safety and excessive wear
  • 90-day warranty on labor

Although our garage door technicians are fully trained and certified and we use only the highest quality components, sometimes garage door failures can happen. If this occurs – rest assured – any garage door maintenance in Westerville, OH performed by The Hamilton Parker Company comes with a full 90-day warranty on labor.

The Hamilton Parker Company has been providing the Westerville, OH area with professional and dependable garage door installation, repair, and maintenance for more than 75 years. Contact us today to sign up for our Annual Preventative Maintenance Check.

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