When Do You Need a New Garage Door?

How long have you had your current garage door? If your answer is “As long as I’ve had this house,” or “As long as I’ve had a garage,” then you may be in need of a new garage door. Sometimes you can get away with a good garage door repair, but sometimes when structural damage occurs to your door, it may just be cheaper to replace the whole door.

If you’re looking for a new garage door in Columbus, OH, give us a call today, or keep reading to learn signs that you need a new garage door.

Cosmetic Damage to your Garage Door

So your garage door has a few scratches and dings, and some of the paint is chipping off. This is expected; older garage doors go through their share of wear and tear. While simply painting over the garage door may temporarily fix some of your issues, cosmetic damage could be a serious problem for

your garage. If you have an aluminum garage door, scratches and dings that expose the bare aluminum could cause the metal to corrode. While painting over the exposed metal will temporarily fix your problem, a corroded door is an unsafe door.

Older wooden garage doors are prone to warping and cracking. Even if this damage is isolated to one panel, replacing just one panel could look out-of-sync with the rest

of your

garage—a brand new panel won’t have the natural aging of its

fellow panels.

If one panel is showing its age, its fellow panels could be in need of replacement soon as well. Instead of paying to replace panels one-by-one as they go—along with paying for multiple instillations along the way—proactively install a new garage door to save yourself the hassle.

Structural Damage to your Garage Door

Sometimes, things happen to your garage door. We get it. But older garage doors can eventually fail simply because of their age. Over years, there is no shortage of ways the elements and people can damage your garage door. Whether it is 25 years of Columbus winters wearing on your garage door, or the damage your garage door received when it got backed in to a while back, your door can take a beating. On older doors, these events can lead to warping and sagging of panels, especially in older, wooden doors. When your garage door is closed, and you notice gaps under the ends of your door, it’s time for a new garage door.

Sagging and warping caused by aging doors not only cost you on your power bill—think of all the heat and AC you could be letting out—but they’re also potentially very unsafe. An older door likely has an older garage door opening mechanism, and with added stress of opening and closing a warped door, the mechanism could fail. If you need a replacement garage door opener with your new garage door, let The Hamilton Parker Company help you out.

New Garage Door Options

At The Hamilton Parker Company, we carry the top brands of new garage doors including custom garage doors and a wide variety of garage window inserts. If you’re ready to upgrade to a new garage door, contact us today or visit one of our garage door showrooms in Columbus or Delaware, OH.

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