Four Reasons to Have an Insulated Garage

Unless you’re in a garage band, you probably don’t think much about your garage. But if your garage is attached to your home, insulating your garage is an easy way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. And if you’re looking to

take advantage of your garage for extra living space or working space, garage insulation is the first step you should take. Here are our top five reasons to have an insulated garage:

Reason to Have an Insulated Garage #1: Improve Energy Efficiency

Reasons to Have an Insulated Garage

The garage is generally the largest uninsulated room in a home. If you have an attached garage that shares a common wall with your home, then it can actually work against your heating and cooling system—unnecessarily increasing your energy costs. Insulating your garage door can

be a relatively inexpensive way to decrease your home’s energy bills.

You’ve probably noticed that your garage is generally much closer in temperature to your home than the air outside. Your garage benefits from sharing common walls with the parts of your house that are heated and cooled by your central HVAC system. If your garage is not insulated, much of this energy is lost. Specifically, about a third of the energy loss in a garage comes from the garage door. Installing an insulated garage door alone can greatly reduce the amount of energy loss through your garage.

Reason to Have an Insulated Garage #2: Use Your Garage as Living or Work Space

A garage doesn’t just have to be for storage! With somewhat minimal work, you can transform your garage into a usable work area, play area, or living space. The first step to turning your garage into a functional space is insulating your garage. This will help prevent your space from becoming uncomfortably warm or cold in the summer and winter, and will also be crucial to avoid energy loss if you plan to install heating and cooling in your garage.

Reason to Have an Insulated Garage #3: Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell

your home, having an insulated garage can be a major plus for potential buyers. An insulated garage can translate to extra potential living space or work space, so it can be a big selling for prospective buyers that might need an extra room or workstation. It’s an increasingly important home feature to have if you live in an area that has really cold winters or really hot summers.

Reason to Have an Insulated Garage #4: Climate Control

Does your garage get uncomfortably hot or cold in the winter or summer? Insulating your garage can help control the temperature in your garage. This is especially handy if you store your car in the garage or use it as a workspace.

Because a majority of the energy loss in your garage comes from your garage door, we highly recommend at least insulating your garage door. There are relatively inexpensive garage door insulation kits you can buy if you’re interested in DIY garage door insulation, but keep in mind that insulating your garage door yourself is not nearly as effective as having an energy efficient garage door installed by a professional! Contact The Hamilton Parker Company today if you’re interested in installing an energy efficient garage door.

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